Harnessing Collective Insight and individual Creative Power in Entrepreneurship to mint fresh streams of income.

The Algorithm of You

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55% of entrepreneurs feel that they don’t get enough emotional support in their work lives.

53% say they worry about doing it alone.

Navigate Your Business Success with 'Algorithm of You': A Blend of Collective Wisdom, Creative Ideation, and Advanced AI Insights.

What if Your Business Could Come with an Instruction Manual?

Unlock the Power of Your Unique Essence with the 'Algorithm of You' — a harmonious fusion of your distinctive frequencies that not only guides you, but illuminates your entrepreneurial path.

Generators, do you get FRUSTRATED when your...

  • Not getting any real work done or feeling like your running in circles?

  • How nothing you start seems to go anywhere you want it to.

  • How overwhelmed by your to do list that you’re dreading and not at all excited about.

Manifesting Generators, do you get FRUSTRATED when your...

  • Having to stop and backtrack to fix a mistake because someone else didn’t do their job right or you skipped a step?

  • Being told to stick to one thing, or to slow down?

  • Being interrupted or have to do things in a linear way.

Projectors, do you get BITTER when your...

  • not getting recognized or getting credit for something that you obviously did?

  • Nobody seems to take your advice or see the obvious answers you see so clearly

  • Feeling invisible, undervalued, and taken advantage of?

Manifestors, do you get ANGRY when your...

  • Being held back from your true potential?

  • Not being seen and respected as the innovative leader you so obviously you are?

  • Constantly being misunderstood and not being supported?

Reflectors, do you get DISSAPOINTED when your...

  • Trying to keep up with trends & working in a fast paced industry?

  • Trying to mimic strategies other people use?

  • taking on too much too fast?

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Unlock the Algorithm of You in HD

True Direction Discovery: Creative Individuality

Unearth the authentic path of your business, perfectly aligned with your personal energy blueprint.

Business Growth Driven by Personal Energy: Insightful Synthesis

Harness the unique frequencies of your Human Design to fuel your business's success.

Transformative Entrepreneurial Journey: Exemplary Leadership

Experience a profound transformation that resonates with your core identity and business aspirations.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Innovative Ideation 

Learn to navigate business challenges with a newfound perspective, turning each into an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Empowerment through Self-Discovery: The Algorithm of You

Gain insights into your 'Algorithm of You,' empowering every business decision with clarity and confidence.

Whats Inside the Community

- The Algorithm of You Signature Course

Reaffirm your truth.

You already know who you are.

Its time to validate yourself.

- Healing the Money Wound Course

Find the Gap.

Money is an energetic frequency.

Remove your blockages to it.

- Activate Your Power

Embody your genius.

Build on your foundation.

Set your future in motion

- Community Discussions & Connections

Meet your aligned network

- Guided Meditations/Hypnosis for Your Energy Type

Subconscious support for each of the 5 auras

- Self Hypnosis Tutorial

Find your personal induction language.

Learn how to self induce.

Understand the subconscious.

- Early Access & Exclusive Deals

(Required for Siren Marketing Group Mentorship Program)

Be the first.

Be the only.

Red Flag Behaviors by Type

  • Manifestors should NEVER play it small and wait for others to initiate and follow their lead.

  • Generators should NEVER work on projects that don't excite them.

  • Projectors should NEVER force their leadership on someone without recognition first.

  • Reflectors should NEVER rush into major decisions.

Unlock the Algorithm of You in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Reaffirm Your Truth

Choose a level, and join the membership community.

Step 2: Follow the Natural Rhythm of Your Business

Explore the courses, connect, collaborate in the membership community, and apply what you learn to your business to find your natural rhythm and get in flow.

Step 3: Get Supernatural Results.

As the changes take place, you'll start to see the big impact that can come from subtle shifts.

This is the power of the difference that being in AlignMint with the Algorithm of you makes.